About us

Innovation Since 1980
Since ADI emerged as a spin-off from the University of Karlsruhe in 1980, we have been working on turning ideas and inventions into successful innovations.

In a long series of own product developments, joint ventures – both with medium-sized partners and with well-known global players, patent developments and licensing, company acquisitions and sales – we have learned what is important  to be successful in the technology business in Europe and the USA.

01. Experience

We advise founders, managers, financial investors and public institutions in the development of companies in the field of new technologies. We specialize in orchestrating the human, material and organizational resources of such companies.

02. Execution

We are not guided by business plans, pitch decks or spreadsheets, nor by the strategy of error avoidance.
Rather, we prefer the method of agile “adaptive control”, in which the goal is gradually approached with the shortest possible fault cycles.

03. Network

As long-standing mentors and coaches of management and as members of leadership teams and supervisory bodies, we have an excellent network of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, managers and technology experts.

Management Team

Board Member

Johannes-Georg Voll


Ingo Hoffmann


Karl Schlagenhauf




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