Since ADI emerged as a spin-off from the University of Karlsruhe in 1980, we have been working on turning ideas and inventions into successful innovations.

In a long series of own product developments, joint ventures – both with medium-sized partners and with well-known global players, patent developments and licensing, company acquisitions and sales – we have learned what is important to be successful in the technology business in Europe and the USA.

Our Team

Ingo Hoffmann


Ingo Hoffmann is a successful manager with 30 years of leadership experience in global software and technology companies, combining the entrepreneurial skills of product responsibility with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue with the latest developments in enterprise digitization and the use of artificial intelligence.

He actively supported the establishment of the Tübingen Competence Center for Machine Learning and the Cyber Valley Initiative. He is a sought-after consultant at companies for the AI strategy and has worked as an expert for the Federal Government in the preparation of the German AI strategy. He is working with the appliedAI initiative as Head of AI Ecosystem.

On his blog www.ingo-hoffmann.com he writes about innovation and artificial intelligence.

Ingo Hoffmann holds a a Master’s degree in Economics/Industrial Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe (now KIT)

Johannes-Georg Voll


Johannes-Georg Voll is a full-time business lawyer with decades of experience as a lawyer as well as practical knowledge as CEO, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Managing Director in the operative business.

Voll is a certified Compliance Officer (SHB) and member in the ArMiD (Aufsichtsräte Mittelstand in Deutschland e.V). As attorney he specialises in the comprehensive support of small and midsized transactions as well as the individual consultation and support of entrepreneurs and enterprises in Germany and Europe.

He is engaged among other things as chairman of the board of the non-profit Werner Stober foundation in Karlsruhe and in the executive committee of the Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland.

After his active operational time as ADI’s Managing Director, Voll is now active at ADI as a legal advisor and responsible for the exploitation of industrial property rights. He is the representative of ADI in various networks and associations.

Karl Schlagenhauf

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Karl Schlagenhauf is the founder of ADI Innovation AG. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded numerous start-ups in the high-tech sector in Europe and the USA.

He stepped down as CEO in 2003 and is now Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ADI Innovation and Senior Advisor. Mr. Schlagenhauf is a consultant to private equity firms and public organizations as well as a coach to young entrepreneurs. His focus has always been on cutting-edge technologies and their impact on social systems and the orchestration of human, intellectual and financial resources. In recent years, he has expanded his interests to include artificial intelligence and life sciences.

Karl Schlagenhauf holds a Master’s degree in Economics/Industrial Engineering, a PhD in Philosophy and a “Venia Legendi” for Sociology and Theory of Science from University of Karlsruhe (now KIT).

Our Service

We advise founders, managers, financial investors and public institutions on setting up innovative companies with focus on digital technologies, in particular machine learning and artificial intelligence.